How to write a summary or annotation?

How to write a summary or annotation?

Summary – (résumé) brief summary of language, report, article, brief conclusion, interpretation.

Summary is an annotation of a book, document (final thesis, diploma paper, etc.), article, other source or part thereof.

At the end of the final bachelor’s work this is the layout of the essence in English and foreign language. Its scope depends on the level of study work, its scientific and practical significance. Usually the volume of each summary is no more than 1 page. It has to be written in a short and clear manner, and it is necessary to set out the main idea of ​​the publication in several sentences. The recommended size of the summary does not normally exceed 1000 characters. The word SUMMARY is written in bold capital letters in a separate line.

It is a scientific functional style, which consistently describes: author’s name, surname, title of work, bachelor’s thesis details, short title of the supervisor’s scientific name and degree, initial and surname of the name, university, year, number of pages.

The work is briefly described with:

  • research relevance, research problem, object, scope of research;
  • the purpose and tasks of the work;
  • methods used at work;
  • the studies carried out and the main concrete results obtained;
  • substantive conclusions;
  • work structure: number of tables (units), number of pictures (pieces), literature and sources
  • number (units).

Summary Structure:

  • introduction
  • Work (research) problem and purpose
  • Theoretical insights
  • Results
  • Conclusions

In some cases, the article summary may contain additional information. It is appropriate to talk about the composition and structure of the source, as well as to introduce the illustrated material used. In the conclusion it is possible to indicate what new thoughts and ideas are expressed by the authors of the research, to acquaint them with their conclusions or recommendations.

The summary must correctly reflect the whole work, respond to the set goal and objectives. It must not contain any new or additional information that is not available at work. The summary does not include job evaluations, but the work itself is briefly presented. The summary should not convey the whole introduction, results or conclusions. If a study has been performed, information on the test contingent (age, gender, other relevant features of the study) should be provided.

The summary in English must match, i.e. In the English version, there are no statements that are not in the multi language version.

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